Zhong Qin - Everyday Chinese (每日漢語) / Повседневный китайский [1983, DJVU + MP3, ENG]

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Everyday Chinese (每日漢語)

Год выпуска: 1983
Авторы: Zhong Qin
Издательство: New World Press
Язык курса: английский
ISBN: отсутствует
Формат: DJVU + MP3
КачествоDJVU: отсканированные страницы
Страниц: 262
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Описание: 60 басен и анекдотов, которые могут быть использованы для изучения разговорного китайского языка. Автор пересказал 60 старинных басен и анекдотов, используя 2000 частотных слов и выражений. После каждой басни перевод некоторых слов и выражений на английский, после каждых восьми - грамматический комментарий, в конце книги - перевод рассказов на английский язык.

In Everyday Chinese — 60 Fables and Anecdotes which can be used to learn China’s spoken language, the author has retold 60 ancient fables and anecdotes in about 2,000 frequently used words and expressions. An English translation of the stories which are adapted from classical Chinese is included. Grammatical Notes and Language Notes are given at the end of every 8 texts, each with its own theme. Throughout the book the modern simplified Chinese characters are used with the pronunciation added in pinyin, the Latin alphabet transcriptions. The Chinese characters in their original forms are also given.
The book is prepared primarily for use by learners of all ages as self-teaching material. The author hopes that readers who have already done some basic study of the Chinese language will also find the present book useful for mastering everyday expressions and reviewing their grammatical knowledge.
Teachers who employ the book in class are advised to compile review exercises by referring to the Grammatical Notes.
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